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From November 22nd to 24th , the Central Finance and Contracing Agency (CFCA), in cooperation with authorities and the Latvian Embassy in Uzbekistan, organised a visit to Uzbekistan.

vizīte Uzbekistānā
Latvian partners together with His Excellency Latvian ambassador in Uzbekistan, Mr R. Trokša, meet Uzbek Anti-Corruption Agency

During this visit, Latvian partner organisations met with different national authorities of Uzbekistan to discuss the necessary support for the implementation of administrative reforms in Uzbekistan. Uzbek representatives highly assessed Latvia's growth following the recovery of independence and the reforms implemented in Latvia, including in the context of accession to the European Union.

According to the Director of the Department of Environmental Investment and International Cooperation, Dana Heiberga: “We are pleased that in less than a year since the CFCA was delegated the role of the Development Cooperation Agency, in cooperation with the Latvian Embassy in Uzbekistan, we have succeeded in developing a comprehensive project for the transfer of Latvian expertise in Uzbekistan in the field of administrative reforms and corruption prevention. During this visit, the Latvian Partnership will launch a knowledge transfer programme for the Uzbek authorities under the leadership of the CFCA."

The experience and expertise of the public administration of Latvia, as well as civil society organisations, could become an important support for the implementation of large-scale administrative reforms in Uzbekistan. Consequently, the CFCA, in cooperation with the associated Latvian partner organisations, Latvian School of Public Administration, Court Administration, Delna (TI Latvia), Riga Graduate School of Law will plan further support activities for Uzbek reforms.

Latvijas delegācija vizītē Uzbekistānā
Latvian delegation visits the Latvian Embassy in Uzbekistan

For information:

Development cooperation is a set of policies and measures aimed at providing assistance to less developed countries in order to promote the long-term social and economic development of these countries and their societies.

Development cooperation is one of the European Union's (EU) foreign policy priorities. Latvia has also become a donor country with its accession to the EU in 2004 and is involved in development cooperation policy planning and implementation of measures, fulfilling international commitments in promoting global development and providing support to developing countries.

In line with the amendments to the International Aid Law, the Central Finance and Contracts Agency (CFLA) shall also perform the functions of the Latvian Development Cooperation Agency in addition to the European Union (EU) Fund Administration function as from 1 January 2022 in order to provide consultative and administrative support to the Latvian institutions and other stakeholders who wish to apply for EU external action or international participation. in the implementation of projects financed by the institutions. In the implementation of the new development cooperation function, the CFLA works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a policy-maker for development cooperation.