Aim of the activity

To ensure the implementation of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) supervisory body's functions and the function of the Center of competence in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations.

Functions of the Agency

Agency has been appointed as the monitoring institution mentioned in the Public-Private Partnership Law and it fulfils the following functions of the supervisory institution:

  • publishes the decisions on performance of PPP project's financial and economic calculations on its website;
  • before implementation of each PPP project provides an opinion on the conditions included in its financial and economic calculations, risk allocation between the public partner and private partner and estimated contract value;
  • provides an opinion on draft concession procedure regulation and concession agreement, amendments the reto, and amendments to the concession contract;
  • monitors PPP projects evaluating report on PPP contract execution and providing opinions on it;
  • submits to the Cabinet of Ministers a report on the execution of concluded PPP contract.

The CFCA also fulfils functions of the PPP competence centre.

About PPP

Public-private partnership (PPP) refers to co-operation between the public and private sector established for a fixed-term and on certain conditions to meet public needs in performing construction works and providing services.

In Latvia, according to the Law on Public-Private Partnership, the PPP refers to co-operation between the public and private sector simultaneously characterized by the following features:

  • co-operation is between one or several public partners and one or several private partners involved in the public-private partnership procedure;
  • co-operation is carried out in order to meet public needs in performing construction works or providing services;
  • it is a long-term co-operation lasting up to 30 years but even longer in the cases, when it is necessary for the purpose of a contract and deliverables based on financial and economic calculations;
  • a public and a private partner pool and use the resources available thereto (e.g. property, financial resources, knowledge and experience);
  • a public partner and a private partner share the responsibility and risks.

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