Report fraud or corruption!

The Central Finance and Contracting Agency, acting in the capacity of the liaison body for the European Union (EU) funds, encourages any person to report illegal or suspicious activities, including violations or suspected cases of corruption and fraud in the implementation of EU funds projects by e-mail: or by writing a letter addressed to the Central Finance and Contracting Agency at Smilšu iela 1, Riga, LV-1010.

Section 9 of the Law on Submissions stipulates that without the consent of the submitter, it is prohibited to disclose information revealing his or her identity.

There is an exception where the institution must disclose such information in accordance with the law. Meanwhile Section 11, Paragraph six of the Freedom of Information Law provides that correspondence between an institution and an applicant for information and information regarding this person shall be regarded as restricted access information. In accordance with the Law on Compensation for Losses Caused by the State Administration Institutions a person is entitled to claim compensation for financial loss, personal damage, or moral damage.

Therefore, please indicate in the submission if the submitter does not wish the facts disclosing his or her identity mentioned in the submission to be disclosed. If the indication regarding prohibition to disclose the facts referred in the submission is not included therein, the institution is entitled to disclose them, taking into account the requirements of laws and regulations.

Pursuant to Sections 4 and 5 of the Law on Submissions, a reply on the merits shall be provided not later than within one month after receipt of the submission, unless otherwise provided by the Law. If the institution finds that the received submission completely or in any of its part does not fall within the competence of this institution, it shall inform its submitter within seven working days after receipt of the submission and, if possible, shall indicate the competent institution. If it is useful, the institution may forward this submission to another institution within seven working days after receipt of the submission by informing the submitter thereof.

Since 2018, the Central Finance and Contracting Agency, acting in the capacity of the liaison body, has been using the risk scoring tool ARACHNE developed by the European Commission for the purpose of processing the data available in external databases of project applicants, beneficiaries and their related parties in order to identify various risk indicators.