Customer Service Standard

The Central Finance and Contracting Agency is a client-oriented direct state administration institution that ensures supervision of implementation of the European Union funds and other foreign financial instrument projects and programs pursuant to the laws and regulations and the best management principles, and controls compliance of expenses.

One of the strategic objectives and tasks of the Agency is to ensure that customers are educated about the project implementation and statutory requirements, has good faith and is satisfied with the services provided by the Agency (the potential and existing receivers of the EU funding and other financial instruments).

Basic principles for the Agency’s cooperation with customers:

  • professionalism – employees are competent, responsible, impartial, careful and precise, capable of offering the most suitable solution to the customers observing confidentiality and laws and regulations;
  • reputation – customers can be sure of the Agency’s honesty;
  • high service quality – the Agency provides flawless services to the customers;
  • availability – the Agency provides functionally easy access to the services in various communication channels;
  • reliability – the Agency provides qualitative services within the set term;
  • positive attitude – customers are always welcome and receive excellent services; employees of the Agency are polite, outgoing, open and cooperation-oriented, well-minded and correct.

Employee of the Agency:

  • has positive attitude towards customers and the job he/she is doing;
  • does not permit indifference and carelessness in relations with customers;
  • is aware that he/she represents the Agency in relations with customers;
  • complies with the dress code;
  • admits his/her mistakes, apologizes and acts to eliminate the consequences caused.

Employees of the Agency observe the basic principles of customer servicing in relations with external and internal customers and cooperation partners.

When meeting customers in presence, we undertake to ensure:

  • comfortable and clean premises, available also to disabled persons;
  • clear and understandable informative signs;
  • easy and understandable regulation of customer flow using a queue regulation system;
  • business-like appearance of the personnel with a visible card containing name and surname of the respective employee. 

When servicing customers on phone, we undertake to ensure:

  • picking up the phone not later than after the fourth signal;
  • that employees introduce themselves (name the institution and their name);
  • answering questions or calling back, if the question cannot be answered right away – during one contact.

When servicing customers by e-mail, we undertake to ensure:

  • sending a confirmation that we have received the customer’s e-mail, if the answer will not be provided on the day of receipt of the e-mail;
  • to send an answer to the e-mail within two working days, or, if due to objective reasons it is not possible, to explain the reasons to the customer;
  • the response e-mail is drawn up in corporate style and includes information identifying the institution and the employee (name of the institution, name and surname of the employee and contact information).

Customer references

Should you wish to leave a reference regarding customer service you can: 

  • inform us in person, in writing, by phone or by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address: or;
  • provide information about our services, propose new or better standards, or give your feedback on any issue related to the customer service process.

If you are unsatisfied with our customer service:

  • you have the right to inform the Agency and express your opinion in person, by phone or in writing;
  • regarding improper handling and customer service, write to the e-mail address: or call the Manager of the Customer Service Centre;
  • inform the Manager of the Customer Service Centre, if any of the employees are unable to solve your problem.

Customer cooperation with the Customer Service Centre

In order to ensure qualitative customer service we invite our clients to:

  • be open-minded, honest and to cooperate with the Customer Service Centre;
  • to be polite and respectful with our employees;
  • to inform, if a client is a disabled person and needs additional assistance.