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Opening of the House of science of the University of Latvia

With the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the House of Science of the University of Latvia was built in Tornjakalns by co-financing the construction of a new building and the creation of modern infrastructure. Within the framework of two projects of the ERDF, more than 34 million EUR were allocated to the University of Latvia (UL) from the European Union Fund.

The University of Latvia continues to develop with the support of EU funds: in 2015, the House of Nature was opened for the development of the natural science sector, and today, on January 28, the House of Science will be opened, where future physicists, mathematicians and physicians will study. The House of Science will be a home to the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, Institute of Cardiology and Regenerative Medicine, Institute for Mechanics of Materials, Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Institute of Physics and Institute of Astronomy.

With the support of two programmes of EU funds second phase of a project of improvement of the UL Academic center is implemented: The construction of the House of Science and the UL research infrastructure modernization of the STEM study direction and concentration of the resources in the Academic centre of UL in Tornjakalns will be implemented in the framework of the project No. “University of Latvia research infrastructure modernization and concentration of resources in smart specialization areas” The total funding of the project amounted to 29 741 919 EUR, including financing of the ERDF in the amount of 24 016 606 EUR, financing of the state budget in the amount of 4 238 217 EUR and co-financing of the University of Latvia in the amount of 1 487 096 EUR. The project also provides the reconstruction of the building belonging to the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of UL on the Boulevard Rainis 19 and the purchase of equipment for the modernization of the research infrastructure of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of UL. The UL research infrastructure modernization (including the purchase of research equipment and scientific equipment will be implemented in the framework of the project No. “University of Latvia STEM study direction infrastructure modernization and concentration of resources”. The total amount of the approved financing of the project is 231 12 585 EUR, including ERDF funding in the amount of 10 396 847 EUR and funding from the state budget in the amount of 1 834 738 EUR. The project provides the modernization of the infrastructure of medical colleges founded by UL.

The total floor area at the House of Science exceeds 20 thousand square metres, it has the capacity to ensure study space for up to 2000 students and workplaces for 450 members of scientific and academic staff.

The House of Science is constructed according to the principles of smart home operation, ensuring high energy efficiency. Heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems are automated and can be programmed separately, thus saving resources. A part of the building’s foundation piles are thermopiles – electronic devices that convert thermal energy into electrical energy, and they can be connected to heating and cooling systems for the use of geothermic heat.

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